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Microsoft points is a currency that is used by Microsoft company. It can easily be used to buy Xbox Live Codes. That is the main thing that can be bought using only Microsoft points. The other things that can be bought with it are avatars, DLC packs and games. Those all can be bought from Xbox live store. The thing is that Microsoft points cost alot of money. What if you could just get those free at unlimited amounts. Would that not be fun? Yes, it would be very fun. Think about it, buying every game you like and all those extras you can use playing the game and not feeding the huge corporations anymore. Do not wait anymore. We have a legit Microsoft Points Generator to offer for you guys. It works 100% right now so what are you waiting for. This is the lifetime opportunity to generate thousands of microsoft points that you can use for years free.

Access Unlimited Games And Downloadable Content With Free Microsoft Points

This generator works like a charm for all the countries. It works the same as USA to Europe.

This is the picture of the latest generator.

Microsoft points generator
Microsoft Points Generator 2017

Free xbox codes

If you feel bad about not paying for the Microsoft points or Xbox Live Codes then there is always a way to purchase them straight from the xbox website. But i can say that it can be very costly. Also microsoft points card codes are in sale at gaming stores or electronics shops.
This generator was developed by one of the best developers in the world. It took 2 years to perfect this Microsoft points generator. It is updated daily by those top developers. It takes codes from the database when you push the Generate button. Also you might check out the testimontials that people gave this generator. Those are some very solid testimontials that you might follow up to see that this is really a good thing.

I would like to point out a email we received from a happy user:
Thomas, 17 Years Old
At first when i stumbled accross this site i was very skeptical because the last generators i got from other sites were a garbage. None of them worked. So i was just giving up on those generators and decided that this is the last one i will download. For my surprise this was just the only one that worked for me. I was so surprised. All thanks to the Coder99 who is the main developer of this Xbox Live Code Generator. I could finally buy all the games i liked and not beg money from my parents.

Our development team is very happy for those users that like our product. Also we do this for hobby so the product is given out free. You are free to do whatever you like with this program that we made.