Xbox Live Code Generator FAQ

Question 1 – How are the Xbox Live codes obtained?
Here at www.xboxcodefree.com we develop and upload our Xbox Live Code Generator for people who do not have money for codes. We have bridge connection with Xbox Live, thats how we get the codes.
Question 2 – Will these codes end up with me getting BANNED?
No, you will NOT get banned using these codes. We have never gotten one review from anyone that used our codes saying that they got banned. These are legitimate codes, that haven’t been used yet, just like you can find in the stores.
Question 3 – Do the codes work internationally?
Yes, the algorithm for the codes is international. They will work anywhere.
Question 4 – Do I have to complete a survey for these?
We know how much you want Xbox Live for Free. Yes, you will have to complete a survey. We are from the Czech Republic, and here it is very hard to get jobs, so we invest all our time into this website. We have sleepless night sometimes trying to fixes for every patch at our Xbox Live Code Generator! We want people that don’t have the money to have Xbox Live as well.
Filling out surveys takes only a few minutes, if not LESS! By completing a survey, you get your own Xbox Live code. Fill out surveys with legitimate information, or if you are not comfortable, fill out with information from http://fakenamegenerator.com.
After unlocking the survey, your download will start, and after you downloaded the code it will be PERMANENTLY deleted from the system so no one else can download your UNIQUE code.